Pulse traders

Many of Pulse Australia's members provide pulse grain marketing services. Pulse Australia member organisations agree to:

  • comply with Australian laws and regulations relating to the merchandising, inspection, grading, weighing, storing, handling and shipment of pulse grain and other commodities,
  • maintain and promote the highest ethical standards and honest procedures in the transaction of business with other members of Pulse Australia and the public,
  • engage in sales and purchasing methods, promotional practices and other transactions, giving consideration to the best interests of the pulse industry as well as the public,
  • be bound by the provisions of the Australian Grain Industry - Code of Practice.

Accumulators and Bulk Handlers

Packers and Processors

UniGrain Pty Ltd Contact: Bill May T: 03 5345 6224 E: bmay@unigrain.com.au www.unigrain.com.au
Ward McKenzie Pty Ltd Contact: Geoff Hammon T: 03 9398 4011 E: reception@ward.com.au www.mckenziesfoods.com.au
Wimpak Pty Ltd Contact: James French T: 03 5385 7055 E: jfrench@wimpak.com.au www.wimpak.com.au

Traders, Marketers and Exporters

Agri-Oz Exports Contact: Francois Darcas T: + 61 3 9830 7021 E: fdarcas@agrioz.com
Agrisemm Global Brokerage Pty Ltd Contact: Peter Semmler T: 08 8367 0307 E: petesemmler@gmail.com www.agrisemm.com
Agromin Australia Pty Ltd Contact: Rajni Patel T: 02 8231 0155 E: rajni@agromin.com.au www.agromin.com.au
AGT Foods Australia Contact: Peter Wilson T: 07 4633 9600 E: exports.au@agtfoods.com www.agtfoods.com/Australia
Aus Grain Exports Pty Ltd Contact: Don Iddamalgoda T: +61 425 763 526 E: iddamal@ausgrain.com www.ausgrain.com
Australian Grain Export Pty Ltd Contact: William Alexander T: 08 8857 4990 E: william@australiangrainexport.com.au www.australiangrainexport.com.au
Centre State Exports Pty Ltd Contact: Ben Lange T: 08 8272 3566 E: ben@centrestateexports.com.au www.centrestateexports.com.au
Cogeser (Australia) Pty Ltd Contact: Robert Luetolf T: 08 7221 2050 E: robert@cogeser.com.au www.cogeser.com.au
East Coast Stockfeeds Contact: Angus Johnston T: +61 498 244 139 E: angus@escf.com.au www.ecsf.com.au
Freedom Exports & Trade Contact: Marina Bartholomeusz T: 03 8802 8472 E: freedomex@optusnet.com.au
Gourmet Foods of Australia Pty Ltd Contact: Karim Takieddine T: 02 8668 5992 E: karim@gfa.com.au www.gfa.com.au
GrainTrend Pty Ltd Contact: Sanjiv Dubey T: 02 8039 0400 E: sanjiv@graintrend.com www.graintrend.com
Mallon Commodity Brokering Contact: T: E:
Mandala Trading Pty Ltd Contact: T: (02) 9211 7936 E: info@mandalatrading.com.au mandalatrading.com.au/
Nidera Australia Contact: Rob Brealey T: +61 7 4639 5555 E: RBrealey@nidera.com www.nidera.com.au
Peters Commodities Contact: Mike Oxley T: 03 9824 6994 E: mike@petcom.com.au www.petcom.com.au
Queensland Cotton Corporation Pty Ltd Contact: Brett McIntyre T: +61 0417 759 574 E: Brett.McIntyre@olamnet.com olamgroup.com/locations/australia/
Robinson Grain Trading Co Pty Ltd Contact: Gary Robinson T: +61 2 9976 3625 E: gary@robinsongrain.com.au robinsongrain.com.au
SANWA Contact: Daniel Ferster T: 02 9362 4088 E: dferster@sanwa.com.au www.sanwa.com.au
Societa Cofica Pty Ltd Contact: Dia Ram Sharma T: 03 9429 8070 E: dia@societacofica.com.au www.societacofica.com.au
Sudima Australia Pty Ltd Contact: Jim Garvey T: +61 409 509 149 E: jim@sudima.com.au www.sudima.com
Teague Australia Pty Ltd Contact: Tim Teague T: 08 8232 0664 E: info@teague.com.au www.teague.com.au