Corporate profile

Pulse Australia is a peak industry body that represents all sectors of the pulse industry in Australia, from growers and agronomists through to researchers, merchants, traders and exporters.

It is unique in that it is an independent, non-political and whole of industry organisation, which acts as a catalyst for the development of the pulse industry.

A Board of Directors is nominated from across the industry and provides direction and vision. Directors bring skills and knowledge from many areas of interest including pulse farming, pulse research, seed merchandising, marketing and exporting. The Grains Research and Development Corporation also nominates one director.

Our mission

Our charter is to provide coordinated leadership to the Australian pulse industry and to facilitate activities that will achieve improved profitability for all sectors of the industry. 

Pulse Australia's broad long-term goals are to:

  • Distinguish Australian pulse products in the international market place.
  • Develop and maintain existing and new markets.
  • Address any weak links in the pulse value chain.
  • Provide coordinated leadership and planning.
  • Encourage world's best practice throughout the whole industry.
  • Foster and maintain grower confidence.
  • Ensure a reliable production base of consistent and safe pulse crops that meet customer requirements.

Pulse Australia takes a three pronged approach to ensure that the overall objectives are met in all areas of the industry.

Crop support: Qualified field staff provide the catalyst for coordination or information across state and institutional boundaries - actively supporting farmers to ensure confidence, sustainability and consistency of pulse production. 

Industry support: Fundamentally about filling the gaps. That is, the provision of the means to create essential linkages along the value chain. 

Market support: Providing a single voice for industry in the areas of market access and development, negotiating with governments and other industry bodies both domestically and internationally.

Crop support

The Pulse Australia crop support team works in cooperation with the Grains Research and Development Corporation to develop agronomic management packages and provide training for agronomists and farmers.

The support team includes highly qualified agricultural scientists and agronomists who primarily work in the field. These specialists work across geographic and institutional boundaries to coordinate information flow, ensuring that it reaches agronomists and farmers at the earliest possible time. They are also key players in providing information from the field that may influence varietal development and crop selection for particular regions. Pulse Australia also works with farmers, merchants, chemical companies, state government departments of agriculture and the Australian National Registration Authority to gain limited use registrations or permits for chemicals not otherwise legally available for use on pulses.

Pulse Australia has also developed a HACCP based quality assurance program with whole of industry input for those growers who need such a tool to access specific markets.

  • Disease management
  • Crop selection + management
  • Coordination of varietal development + research
  • Chemical registrations
  • Cross region communication
  • Liaison with state departments of agriculture
  • Food safety and quality issues

Industry support

Pulse Australia works to coordinate activities across all sectors of the industry.

A sophisticated communications program, including a high profile web site, regular newsletters and bulletins, ensures that all sectors of the industry are kept informed of current and relevant topics. Pulse Australia acts as the focal for liaison between the industry and governments, both domestically and internationally, in areas such as market access, tariffs, quarantine and other trade issues. Regular forums are held with regional pulse groups and other industry bodies around the country. The Pulse Australia Standards Committee develops receival standards for all pulse products within Australia, aimed at meeting the requirements of the export trade.

  • Communication
  • Products + services
  • Regional pulse groups
  • Cross industry relationships
  • Government + other peak bodies liaison
  • International liaison
  • Food safety + quality issues

Market support

As well as international collaboration through the world peak body CICILS/IPTIC (Confederation Internationale du Commerce et des Industries des Legumes Secs/International Pulse Trade Industry Confederation), Pulse Australia is actively involved in the promotion of pulses in specific markets and the development of long term secure value chain relationships.

Pulse Australia is recognised around the world as the peak body of the Australian pulse industry and, as such, is best placed to address tariff and other trade impediment issues that may arise from time to time. Pulse Australia cooperates very closely with relevant Australian government departments to ensure recognition of the quality and integrity of Australian pulses in the international marketplace. A list of traders and handlers who support Pulse Australia and its values can be found on this web site.

  • Value add (promote)
  • Change grower + market attitude
  • Address tariff + other trade impediments
  • International collaboration
  • Food safety + quality issues
  • Increase / improve product integrity