World Pulse Day

In 2018, The United Nations decreed February 10 as World Pulse Day – this year and every year.

World Pulse Day provides a point of focus for the pulse industry globally to promote the outstanding agronomic, environmental and nutritional benefits of pulses.

Courtesy of the Federation Nationale des Legumes Sec. (French peak industry body for pulses).

Make half your protein a plant protein

In promoting pulses in 2019, the message is simple: 'Make half your protein, a plant protein'. By far the majority of protein in the Australian diet is animal-based, consisting of eggs, dairy products, red and white meats and seafood. The purpose of World Pulse Day is the encourage Australians to increase their intake of plant-based protein, while educating consumers about the environmental and nutritional benefits inherent in pulses.

One of the easiest ways to increase the intake of plant based protein is to include more pulses and pulse based products in the diet. This can be achieved through tasty options such as salads with chickpeas or beans; incorporating pulses such as lentils into traditional meat based dishes, such as spaghetti bolognese and casseroles; or being more adventurous and exploring new cuisines such as middle eastern, Indian or event Afghani meals- all of which use pulses to deliver tasty and healthy proteins.

Find out more on the Global pulses website.

Recipe collections

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Using pulses

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