Classification of pulses

Pulse Australia has been tasked by GRDC to initiate an industry consultation in relation to the need for a formal classification system for pulses, and if warranted, to establish key principles that should be considered in order to underpin a pulse classification system. Once broad industry agreement has been reached on the principles, the task of developing and implementing a formal pulse classification system will be undertaken by Grains Australia as part of their broader industry remit for grain classification.

Pulse Australia developed Pulse Classification Discussion Paper in mid-2022 which was made available to the Australian pulse industry for review and feedback.

Responses from industry, including traders, exporters, seed commercialisation partners and grower representative bodies were received, and the summary of industry feedback consolidated into the Pulse Classification System- Consultation Feedback report. Where stakeholders gave approval, submissions have been made available publicly through the Pulse Australia website.

Grains Australia will progress the development of a Pulse Classification system and will consult broadly with the pulse value chain in the process.