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Mungbean accredited agronomists

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The Australian Mungbean Association certification process is based on four key steps:

  • Two-day technical workshop addresses the key issues identified by the industry as the main pre-requisites for more reliable and profitable mungbean production.
  • Detailed in-field monitoring of at least two commercial mungbean crops, where the agronomists must demonstrate that they can apply the technical skills and processes covered in the initial workshop. This is the auditable component of the course and the main prerequisite for certification within the industry guidelines.
  • In-crop training sessions. Agronomists are further supported by in-crop training sessions on insect scouting techniques and management, as well as disease diagnosis.
  • Ongoing technical support on current research and reassessment of best management practices within the mungbean industry. The network of certified agronomists is also kept informed of any new and emerging issues within the industry, e.g. new pesticide registrations or permits.

Contact the Australian Mungbean Association for further information on this course.