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Pulse information exchange

February 25, 2018
Pulse Australia has signed an agreement with its Indian counterpart, Indian Pulse and Grain Association (IPGA), for greater exchange of information on Indian pulse crops.

Indian tariff on chickpea and lentil

December 27, 2017
Some 200,000 tonnes (around A$150 million) of Australian chickpeas and lentils are currently in transit to India and may be affected by the 30% tariff that has been suddenly imposed.

New aphid pest affects pulses

October 16, 2017
Megoura crassicauda is a new pest in Australia that could impact some legume crops, particularly faba bean, broad bean and vetch. Megoura crassicauda is an aphid species native to north-east Asia, and was considered an exotic pest in Australia prior to its detection on broad bean plants in a suburb of metropolitan Sydney, October 2016. After this initial detection in Australia, eradication of M. crassicauda was deemed unfeasible based on previous unsuccessful attempts to eradicate exotic aphid species.

New lupin for WA

September 25, 2017
PBA Leeman is a high yielding narrow leaf lupin suited to an area stretching from the Northern Agricultural Region through to the Lakes District in the south.