Minor use permits update

Posted in Agronomy alert on Mar 15, 2016

Pulse Australia holds several minor use permits on behalf of the pulse industry and is actively involved in the pursuit of new permits and label registrations to meet the crop protection needs of the industry.

Minor use permits update

Several insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, crop desiccants, stored grain insecticides and rodenticides are registered or under permit for use in pulse crops. Minor Use Permits relevant to pulse crops are listed on the Pulse Australia website.

Some recent changes include:

PER 82124 Boscalid / Adzuki Beans / Sclerotinia / Current to 31-Mar-2019

PER81533 Custodia / Ascochyta blight, grey mould / Current to 30-Sep-2017

PER81595 Glyphosate / Lupin / Pre-harvest desiccation and weed control / Current to 28-Feb-2020

PER81609 Imidacloprid / Navy bean / Silverleaf whitefly / Current to 31-Jan-2019

Registrations for some products vary between states. Always check the label before using. All registered products can be found using the APVMA - Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicines Authority database. Observe all witholding periods and record all product use on the GTA Grain Commodity Vendor Declaration, GTA SafeMeat Declaration Form, Commodity Declaration Form (mungbean), when applicable.

For more information please contact your Industry Development Manager.

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