2018-19 adzuki on alluvial loam, Tabulam

Posted in PulseCheck–Coastal on Mar 29, 2019

2018–19 summer: Adzuki on alluvial loam, Tabulam

Grower: Geoff and Mark Feuerherdt

Location: Tabulam, Northern Rivers, NSW

Monitored Area: 11.5 ha

Soil Type: Alluvial Loam

Pre-plant preparation

  • Late planted triticale was harvested and stubble was baled
  • Knockdown herbicide applied (glyphosate and 2,4-D)
  • Custom Blend was direct drilled into the paddock

Week 1–4

Management notes:

  • Planted on the 3–4 Feb into dry ground
  • Planted on narrow rows (30 cm spacing)
  • Inoculated with group E Adzuki bean rhizobia
  • Following planting, 12 mm of rain fell over 5 days
  • 7–8 March a further 11 mm fell
  • Due to the current dry conditions no pre-emergent was applied.
  • Due to stubble load in areas of the paddock some hair pinning was observed (seed held in the trash)
  • Some seed had also rotted due to marginal moisture conditions

Seed held up in trash in some high-stubble areas of the paddock.

Week 5–7

Management notes:

  • Early flowers are beginning to be expressed
  • Rapid growth has occurred over 2 weeks
  • Vigilant for Bean Pod Borer
  • Nodules have formed and are a healthy pink colour
  • Very little weed pressure at the present time

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