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Mungbean production: northern region

Australian industry

Mungbean is native to the Indo-Burma region with India, Burma, Thailand and Indonesia producing almost 90 per cent of the world's production. There are two distinct types of mungbean grown in Australia: Vigna radiata (green) and V. mungo (black).

Mungbeans are mainly sprouted and consumed cooked or raw. However, mungbeans may also be split, boiled, roasted or ground into flour to make a variety of desserts, snacks and main dishes.

Mungbean is a summer pulse crop grown in Queensland and northern NSW. It fits well in the northern cropping system and has two planting opportunities—spring and summer.

Best management guide​

The complete mungbean best management guide can be found on the Australian Mungbean Association website.

The four main classes of mungbean produced in Australia are large-seeded shiny green, small-seeded shiny green, large seeded dull green​ and black.​