Pulse Australia membership

Pulse Australia is a member-based not-for-profit organisation that actively promotes and supports the growth and development of the Australian pulse industry. With crop value growing to around two billion dollars, you and your company can ensure you maximise the benefit of this growth by becoming a member of Pulse Australia.

By becoming a member of the peak industry body for the Australian pulse industry, you not only have access to valuable resources to help you grow and develop your business, you also have a direct say in issues and opportunities that directly impact your business. 

Pulse Australia actively works across the complete value chain to maximise the opportunity for this growing industry. Everything Pulse Australia does is designed to improve the value creation for its members – whether activities are involved with growing the crop, assuring the crop, marketing the crop or leading the industry as a whole.

Typical activities

Pulse Australia undertakes the following activities that benefit and support the growth of the Australian pulse industry.

Growing the Crop – Agronomy Services

  • Grower and advisor training
  • Pest and disease alerts
  • Website library
  • Field days, crop walks
  • Extensive agronomy resources on website
  • Pulse agronomist network for alerts
  • Biosecurity ‘on the ground’
  • Provision of minor use and emergency use permits
  • Direct access to expert agronomy advice

Assuring the Crop – Stewardship Services

  • National quality standards
  • Receival standards training
  • Chemical usage permits
  • Website repository
  • Biosecurity risk management
  • Approvals for off-label permits
  • Repository of approved chemicals on website
  • Annual GTA standards review
  • Advisory notices about pre-harvest chemical applications

Marketing the Crop – Information Services

  • Crop forecasts
  • Trade statistics
  • Market reports
  • Members-only website listing
  • Advocacy market access
  • Quarterly state production forecasts
  • Monthly export data reports and analysis
  • Represent industry with state and federal government departments, such as DAWR and DFAT for market access

Leading the Industry – Coordination Services

  • ‘Go to’ body for all industry contacts
  • Global initiatives for Australian pulse industry
  • Linking market signals to breeders
  • Drive Industry strategic plan
  • Arrange and or host customer (e.g. from India, Pakistan) delegations for members
  • Ensuring an ongoing legacy for the International Year of Pulses 
  • Arrange the Australian agenda and attendance for annual Global Pulse Confederation (GPC)
  • Co-host Australian Grains Industry Conference (AGIC)

Membership benefits

Pulse Australia members are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Pulse Australia Crop Forecasts 
  • Pulse Australia Export Report (monthly)
  • Grower communications relating to pest and disease alerts, new chemical permits, etc
  • Access to the Members-Only section of the Pulse Australia website
  • Opportunity to nominate employees to participate in committees (e.g. Standards Committee)
  • Unlimited email recipients within your group to receive Pulse Australia communications
  • Company listing and logo on the Pulse Australia website
  • Membership certificate and number
  • Direct access to Pulse Australia CEO and Industry Development Managers
  • Permission to use Pulse Australia name and logo on your website and collateral, highlighting membership.

Becoming a member of Pulse Australia is easy. Simply identify the appropriate trading class applicable to your business, complete the application form and submit to Pulse Australia, together with payment of the annual membership fee. Membership year is from July–June. The fee is pro-rata according to the quarter of the year the application is made, e.g. applications made in November (Quarter 2) will attract a membership fee equivalent to 75% of the annual fee).

Become a member

Membership information (including electronic application form*) for: 

* Download the form, fill it out and submit electronically, or print and post.

Pay via electronic funds transfer (EFT) 

This payment method will see the full membership fee being available to Pulse Australia to use in service to the pulse industry. All part-year payments must be made using EFT.

Bank details for EFT payments:

BSB: 062 030
Account Number: 10014545

Fee structure

  • Pulse grain accumulators, processors and traders
    • Large: >50,000 t p.a.  $10,000 +GST  
    • Small: <50,000 t p.a.  $5000 +GST
  • Service providers to the pulse industry
    • Large: $3500 +GST
    • Small: $2500 +GST
  • Pulse growers, corporate farms and grower groups/cooperatives $400 +GST